Diversity in Literacy

  1. This is app helps you find books for kids written by authors of color. The book selections on the app are categorized by: Picture, Chapter, Middle Grades and Young Adult: We Read Too

  2. The librarians at Evanston Library compiled this wonderfully diverse booklist. All types of adventures are had by a variety of creatures and children!: Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids List of 2020!

  3. Marley Davis, an 11-year-old girl, compiled the following booklist. The list, A 1000 Book about Black girls. She accumulated these titles as a result, she claims, about not being able to easily find books with Black girls as the main characters: 1000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide

  4. Here is a great interview with Marley Davis on YouTube!: 1,000 Black Girl Books Interview

  5. This webinar features Martin Andrews and special guest Cereescia Sandoval, Learning Experience Designer at inquirED. It explores the use of diverse sources in elementary social studies classrooms. The webinar is sponsored by the National Council for the Study of Social Science: THE CASE FOR ELEMENTARY SOCIAL STUDIES:Using Diverse Sources in Social Studies

If you would like to communicate with us about how we use children’s’ literature at Banner Literacy, please contact us at: Terrie.Briggs@bannerliteracy.com

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