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Children Reading on the Grass | Banner Literacy
At Banner Literacy, we understand that intervention can only be successful with an individualized plan for each student that identifies his or her strengths and weaknesses. We provide instruction in whichever skill deficits underlies the difficulties your child is experiencing. Our remedial approach involves not only word study and phonological awareness instruction but also includes a strong focus on comprehension and fluency.

Banner Literacy's integrated literacy program uses the inherent connection between written and spoken language. We provide instructional integration that involves reading, writing, spelling, and oral language. When implemented in a highly structured, systematic, and developmentally appropriate way, this type of instruction is highly beneficial for students with dyslexia and other areas of reading underachievement.

Ultimately, we want to provide support during your child’s quest to become a skilled reader and writer.

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Children Spelling Out Literacy | Banner Literacy
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